Local or Small businesses are a specialty with Band Express!

  • Sharon Hales Realtor

  • Aussie Stump Grinders

We follow ten initial crucial steps to gain your business webpage authority and rank, we also fill in all those essential tweaks to really establish a healthy business presence in the market;

    1 – Beginning with a search engine listing ‘blast out’, we list your business across ALL major search engines.
    2 – We perform and in-depth keyword analysis on your business, looking for specific phrases (long-tailed keywords) which we can optimize for your business which have little competition, therefore capturing your real market.
    3 – Compare your business with top competitors – AND base our strategy on how to out-perform them.
    4 – Use an on-page SEO tool to check existing pages on your site.
    5 – Assist in creating high value content on your website to gain additional exposure.
    6 – Find and create ‘backlinks’ into relevant anchor text on your website, directly bringing traffic to your business. This is the highway essential technique that really embeds you long term into your market.
    7 – Setup and link Google Analytics to your site. Create a weekly/monthly report to show organic traffic sent to you automatically.
    8 – Utilize Google’s Webmaster Tools to investigate your site, correct any issues and ensure it is healthy. Who else but Google can tell you what they do and don’t like about your website! We use this tool to ensure Google is absolutely 100% trusting of your website.
    9 – Investigate bad backlinks to your site and ‘disavow’ them to ensure your site is not penalized.
    10 – Engage in off-site SEO, including assisting with listings on all relevant local sources which can make the difference between page 1 or page anything else (it doesn’t matter asĀ 90% of searches never look past page 1).
    Small Business examples promoted by Band Express and ranking on page 1 for selected keywords;
    Sharon Hales (Keywords : La Crescenta Realtor / La Canada Realtor)


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