Spotify Playlist Pitching

As an affiliated company with Upside Music Pty Ltd, Band Express can now directly submit artists through the world’s premium Spotify Playlist Pitching Service ‘PlayList Pump‘, described as a ‘first in the world’ for the services the team at Upside Music offer through Playlist Pump – The Music Network!

In short, anyone can create a playlist on Spotify which may or may not gain followers. However, when record labels and major ‘Curators’ create playlists, the artists who are on those playlists gain massive exposure due to the size of the following of each playlist.

Playlist Pump – Artist Services and Pricing

Stack Deck – September 2017


Stage ONE:

Very rarely is success on Spotify or any online streaming platform a matter of luck. There are some circumstances in which a song just ‘pops’, however, even under these cases there are hours and hours of work that goes on in the backend. We like to believe breaking records is a science, planned, analyzed and executed in a cost effective and timely manner.


We, at Playlist Pump, have created specific packages, breaking them into ‘stages’. Ech package is designed to fulfill a specific role. Depending on whether an artist is looking to further their career, expand their audience or launch a single or EP, and time frame.


Through this information deck, we will outline our proven step by step process to achieve success on Spotify. That success being measured by streams and actual return on investment (ROI) for the artist as those streams and added fans translate into royalties.


If you have any inquires, please don’t hesitate to email us at


Playlist Pump Campaigns and methodology


Campaign ONE:


Campaign one is all about gaining traction in Spotify. Over 4-8 weeks we pitch your song to a selection of ‘Tatse Maker’ playlists which we know will hit the right demographic for your record.


In this stage we focus on playlists and curation networks based on preferences such as ‘mood’ and ‘feel’ rather than flat out genre. Why? Because this is where we engage a larger and more engaged audience. Whether it be teenagers listening to a party mix, a work out mix on repeat or a top 100 mix – these playlists generate streams! So long as your music fits in with the feel of the playlists we target, your Spotify profile will benefit, gaining a higher percentage of more engaged listeners ie: a FULL spin – listening to your song from start to finish as Spotify algorithms track this information.


Cost: $1,500 USD


Time: 4-8 weeks (4 Weeks to secure adds, 4 weeks to allow streams)


Expectation based on current statistics*: 4-6 Playlist adds, 80k+ Streams



Campaign Two:


Engagement and tastemakers:


An ideal candidate for this campaign should have at least 80k-100k streams on a single record with a fairly healthy increase in monthly listeners. This is for artists looking to not only increase their streams online, however also gaining adds on tastemaker playlists such as branded lists, major labels lists, YouTube channels and fan made playlists.


It’s in this process where clients are looking for the stamp of approval by a tastemaker playlist curator, gaining fans for the artist due to they’rerecommendation. In this period, we focus on growing both streams and actual grass roots fans within your Spotify profile.


Cost: $2,500


Time: 12 Weeks


Expectation: From these types of campaigns we usually see more saves, an increase in streams and a strong increase of monthly listeners. Not to mention increasing the chance of being picked up and pitched by Spotify’s own algorithms.








Campaign 3:


Hitting the million!


Hitting a million streams is a milestone to an artist’s path to success on Spotify. From here we often see artists being signed or least approached by major labels. A million streams is a huge achievement and an ideal bench mark to hit, not to mention the ROI from Spotify itself.


How do we do it?:


By working a track across our database, we usually allocate anywhere from 30+ playlists and curators who are passionate about the tarck(s) or EP and looking to actively promote it. Once allocating the right playlists we begin scheduling placements with our curators across a 30-day period. This includes playlists with high involvement, high listenership and overall healthy activity.


Cost: $10,000 Upfront


$3,400 per month x 3 months.






Expectation based on current statistics*:

1,000,000 Streams and a minimum of 30 playlists across 90 days. We are so confident of gaining you both the placements and the streams, we are prepared to keep working your record across playlists until we reach the 1m bench mark. No other Playlist Pitching company offers this!


Time: 90 Days (12 weeks)













Campaign 4:


Major Label Deal Package

This is a package of services we have put together in collaboration with media partners, blog partners and social media content distributors. This package is for artists signed to a major label and/or those looking to sign to a major label.


Across a period of 90 days, we literally build an artist profile online through organic traffic – fast racking the entire process of building a career.


How do we do it?:



By working your music across our network of playlists using a similar process as stage three, we boost your online stream to a minimum of 1 million. We do this by securing playlist placements, however we increase traction on Facebook and other social media to leverage high priority placements across different networks.


Expectation based on current statistics*: 1m Streams across 90 days – or we will continue working the project until this target is achieved!


Social Media


Facebook and Instagram push – In this process we build your Facebook profile through a viral content strategy. Our team will create engaging content and a series of videos (Dancers dancing to your video / comedy/ or just original content). We then share your content to a network for over 30 million people monthly. This includes two Share’s monthly.


Expectation based on current statistics: 5k new fans minimum or we will continue working the project until this target is achieved!







We organically push your music project out to 20 of our current networks of million People (and growing). In this process we will get authentic plays and daily movement on Soundcloud. This is an organic way to work the record and start building a fan base on Soundcloud.


Expectation based on our current statistics: Minimum of 50k plays or we will continue working the project until this target is achived!


Blog PR

We construct a press release and push your music through a minimum of 20+ blogs monthly – The pool of blogs we work with stretches across the board. However, if you have a certain preference, please alert our team so that we can add this to our strategy.


Expectation: Secured placements across 15-20 blogs for either sound cloud or YouTube link.


Youtube – Our team will work your video domestically and internationally with a targeted ad based strategy. We will potentially achieve 100k views monthly Worldwide or 50k views USA Targeted*. Simply provide us with the keywords you want targeted and we will provide marketing through banner ads and search based promotions. We can deliver views within the first month or we can spread it out over time, you make the call.


Expectation based on current statistics*: 100k View organic YouTube views – over 90 day period or we will continue working the project until this target is achived!


Total cost:


$25,000 USD




8,400 USD / Month x 3









Looking for something more?


Set a consultation with one of our team and we can discuss the KPI’s your looking to hit, then formulate a step by step plan of how we can get you there.


Social Media Services Pricing


Facebook and Instagram:


4k USD – minimum 5,000 new fans


7k USD – minimum 10,000 new fans


10K USD+ – please contact our team to discuss a larger scale campaign




Blog PR


Industry Inbox

Industry Inbox is a premium digital PR service, made available and affordable to independent artists.


Through years of experience in music public relations companies, and PR free -lancing, our team has made connections with a range of popular media outlets across genres such as rap/hip-hop, R&B, Pop and EDM. We have partnered with these media outlets to create a content pipe line, meaning that we can send anything their way to be featured so long as we have checked over the content and make sure the artists and articles are up to a high standard.


We offer artists a guarantee

Unlike any other digital PR service, Industry Inbox offers a 100% guarantee of blog placement. We understand that this is a big statement to make particularly within the digital promotion world, however, due to the various contacts we have developed over the years, our team has the prime opportunity to always connect the right artist with the right blog outlet.




  • Start campaign (2-4 blog placements) – $125.00 USD
  • Basic package (5-8 blog placements) – $250.00 USD


  • Premium (10-15 blog placements) – $450.00 USD         30+ Playlists100,000+ monthly listeners In less than 7 months  1,700,000 + monthly listeners Fastest growing Urban act in the Country for August.  64,000 monthly listeners Record signing and management deal


  1. 8 months
  2. 2,000,000 + streams on a single
  3. Luke Minx
  4. 1.5 months
  5. 9,500,000 streams on single
  6. Nexxt Thursday
  7. Record signing with Rostrum Records
  8. 2,832,547 accumulative streams
  9. Mike Dupree
  10. Case Studies

In Spotify’s own words;

‘The Browse page on Spotify is different for every user and programmed based on their taste.

The more people listen to your music, the more likely your music will show up in Browse.’

This means Spotify uses an algorithm to ‘tune’ what they play to each listener. The ‘Browse’ section, or as Wired puts it ; ‘Listeners now spend about half their time on Spotify listening to playlists, either of their own creation or curated by Spotify’s editors and other tastemakers. … Many artists and labels, meanwhile, now promote playlists featuring their songs, hoping fans will listen and save, thus improving a track’s outlook.’


There’s no formal submission process for Spotify playlists. Our curation team’s independence is an important part of what makes Spotify such a great listening experience for fans.

The curation team at Spotify uses a combination of taste, data, research, and trends to create playlists for our users. So the best way to be considered for Spotify playlists is to make your music as visible as possible and maintain an active presence on Spotify. If your music is breaking, we’ll find it.

How do I get my music on Discover Weekly?

Getting your music on Discover Weekly is as easy as getting it on Spotify. As more people listen to your music and add it to their playlists, it’s more likely to appear in Discover Weekly.

Here’s how Discover Weekly works.

Music fans on Spotify have created over 2 billion playlists, and each one of those playlists teaches us something new about the relationships between the songs they contain. Every Monday, Discover Weekly creates 100 million personal playlists by combining each listener’s unique taste with song information built from those 2 billion playlists—recommending songs that other people who have similar taste in music are enjoying.

Spotify for Artists shows you how many people are listening to your music on Discover Weekly. If you don’t have access to Spotify for Artists, get access here.

How do I get my music on Release Radar?

Every Friday, Release Radar gives music fans up to two hours of new releases from the artists they follow and listen to the most.

Your new releases are automatically added to your followers’ Release Radar—so the key to getting your music on Release Radar is having fans follow you on Spotify. The more followers you have, the more fans hear your new releases.

Spotify for Artists shows you how many people are listening to your music on Release Radar. If you don’t have access to Spotify for Artists, get access here.

Daily Mix?

Daily Mix is a set of personalized playlists that combine a listener’s favorite tracks with a few songs they haven’t heard but we think they’ll love.

Your songs start showing up more frequently in Daily Mix as more fans listen to your music on Spotify.

How can I improve my position in searches?

Search results in Spotify are based on a mix of current and all-time popularity—but vary from user to user based on personal listening preferences.

The more streams and followers you have, the higher up you’ll appear in searches.

How do I embed a follow button in my website?

Embedding a Spotify follow button in your website makes it easier for your fans to find and follow you. It works with any website, and you can embed the button just by copying and pasting a short piece of code.

Fans can click on the embeded follow button to follow both your music and your Spotify artist profile instantly. We let your followers know when you release new music and play concerts near them, so more followers means more exposure and more streams.

For detailed instructions on embedding a follow button, check out this website.

How do I embed a Spotify player in my website?

Embedding a Spotify player in your website gives fans more places to find and listen to your music. It works with any website, and you can embed the player quickly and easily just by copying and pasting a short piece of code.

To get a code you’ll need to open the Spotify desktop app, find the playlist, track, or album you want to share, and in the dropdown menu choose Share and then </>. This copies the code to your clipboard.

<iframe src=”” width=”300″ height=”380″ frameborder=”0″ allowtransparency=”true”></iframe>


Then all you have to do is paste the code into your website build, and a Spotify player will appear on your site.

For more detailed instructions on embedding a Spotify player, check out this website.

How do I share my music on Facebook and Twitter?

The best way to share your music on a Facebook page is to copy and paste a Spotify link directly into the status field on the page. Here’s how:

  • Open Spotify and find the song, album, or playlist you want to share.
  • In the dropdown menu, choose Share and then Copy Link.
  • Paste the link into the status field on your Facebook page. A 30-second preview will appear.
  • Delete the link from the status field and add a personal message.
  • Click Post.

Sharing your music on Twitter is easy too:

  • Follow the steps above to copy the song, album, or playlist link.
  • Paste the link right into your Twitter status field.

When you share a Spotify song link on Twitter, it creates a custom, playable audiocard so your fans can play the song right there.

Can I reach out to my fans on Spotify?

At the moment you can’t reach out directly to your fans, but we are working to create more opportunities for you to engage with your fans on Spotify. Stay tuned.