Orange Juice and YOUR Music

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Orange Juice and YOUR Music

Every Music Artist needs to ask themselves one question, ‘who wants to listen to your music?’

The answer could be simple, if pitched to the correct market, with a story/tagline/niche there could be thousands of would-be fans who will engage with you, grow to love what you do and follow you, buy your music, show up at your concerts, spread the word about just how good you are….

Are you playing to 100 people at a time, or maybe 50….20….5 ? Maybe you are playing to 1000’s, however, that is where it has all stopped…

Do you have the right image, what is your message, are you getting exposure to the correct potential audience…?

Time and time again, we see hard working artists performing amazing shows and gaining little or no recognition for their work, only to give up in the end. Their music having cost them more to play than they ever saw coming through door sales at their shows or CD Bab’, Tunecore, Bandcamp¬†or Mondotunes sales. Yes, these are all great tools, but the problem still remains…. how to get your music to an audience who love what you do?

A big record label is just like a commercial food chain store; they know what sells, Orange Juice! Just re-package it, promote it and push it through promised markets and sales are guaranteed…. after all, it’s just orange juice.

Problem with orange juice, just like with a prospective artist is that they might want to do something dangerous and original… therefore, no longer being simply orange juice, so they have to either be changed or rejected. To 360 degree contract them into a cyclic, constrained and safe mechanism is the ‘only way’ to really get the returns they are used to…. Really?

At Band Express, we leverage methodologies which basically promote your music to right audience, and to masses of them… Talk to us about your next project, there is no cost, simply good advice. We love individuality and encourage the artist to be who they really want to be, building a unique strategy around them.

Just some of the artists we have helped promote;
Yothu Yindi & Gavin Campbell, Amastro, The Naddiks, Daniela Ion, Letters to Lions, Tali Sing, Under Lynden Church, Wilsonn, Colorstarr, Samuel Gaskin