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Instead of paying most artists directly, Spotify pays rightsholders who artists allow to put their music on the platform, and who in turn pay the artists with the money earned on the streaming service. In other words, most artists have a middleman who may or may not take a percentage of the royalties paid directly to them before moving those royalties into the pockets of their trusting artists.

Breakdown Of Spotify Royalties

Spotify’s royalty payments increased by $2 billion in 2021, up from $5 billion in 2020 – the following is a summary of who actually got paid….

Artists not associated with a Label

28% of artists on the platform who are not associated with a Label aka record company, received a total of $10,000.

1000+ Artists

Over 1000 artists made more than 1 million dollars each. These artists were associated with Labels and Music promotion companies.

Major Record Labels

Major record labels such as EMI, Sony, Universal Music and Warner Music received a lions’ share – 4 Billion dollars!

Publishing Rights Holders

Publishing Rights Holders or music promoters who hold the mechanical and other publishing rights for music distribution were paid 1 Billion dollars!


Free Spotify Playlists

There is an answer to getting the best Free Spotify Promotion via the practices which are listed here including how to get your tracks onto Spotify Playlists with hundreds and thousands of followers for free…

Spotify For Artists

Spotify is the world‘s most popular streaming service, and it has become one of the biggest platforms in which independent artists and musicians can promote themselves. Spotify for artists is the independent artist’s most powerful tool for pitching themselves and their next release.

Collaborative Playlists

There are thousands of music artists out there trying to make it big, and many of them want to be heard by millions of fans. But getting noticed isn’t always easy. That’s why it’s important to know how to get on Spotify playlists. The easiest way to start is with collaborative playlists.

Labels’ Free Playlists

Check out label backed playlists which will allow you to list your music via their platform(s) for free. These can be very lucrative for gaining new followers and exposure.

Get Your Music On These 3 Spotify Playlists For Free

Below are 3 collaborative playlists for you to add your song(s) to. Each has over 500 followers.

You will need to follow each of these playlists via your Spotify web app via desktop

You can then click on your track in your own library and select add to playlist, a list of eligible playlists will then be displayed including the below playlists you have just followed.

Indie Hipster Collaborative

All genres, currently has 842 likes (followers) here is the Spotify Playlist LINK

Party Collection

All genres, currently has 1125 likes (followers) here is the Spotify Playlist LINK

Alt Mix

All genres, currently has 1072 likes (followers) here is the Spotify Playlists LINK

That was easy, you are now working Spotify’s own algorythm for improving your tracks’ rankings

Pitch your song to Spotify and Curators

Spotify For Artists Best Practise


has democratized pitching to Spotify playlist editors by constructing an entry form right into Spotify for


Considering that July 2018, Spotify permits artists,

managers, record labels, and also music employee to independently

pitch unreleased tracks for playlist consideration through Spotify for Artists.

Pitching your song through Spotify for Artists seven days before the release date, also if your song is not contributed to a Spotify Curated Playlist, at the minimum, guarantees that every one of your Spotify fans receive your tune in

their Release Radar playlist. What does that mean? If you have 50 followers,

each of those followers will currently have direct access to your song in their release radar playlist. Spotify will certainly additionally send a specific email to those 50 fans that will certainly display your tune as well as have a direct web link to your track on Spotify.

Pitch your song at least 7 days prior to the release date, preferably 2 weeks.

Make sure your Artist page is up to date with latest Bio, pics and events

Pitch to all your social media just prior to and during the release.

Asking your followers to follow your Spotify artist profile is where you can start to construct a following within Spotify and if you have an artist web site, embed your Spotify Artist Profile. Using your social media networks (instagram, twitter, tiktok, etc) as well, can be a great driving force to expand your Spotify fans and also natural streaming growth as this assists to make a strong situation for your track to be included in Spotify curated playlists.

To pitch your individual song for playlists making use of Spotify for Artists,

comply with the below actions:

Log in to Spotify for Artists

Click on “Songs” then toggle to “Forthcoming”.

Under the “Playlist

Pitch” column on your release list, click on “Pitch a

Tune.” Tracks can only be pitched once from

an artist, record label, musician manager as well as or supplier.

Once you click into a launch, very carefully select the specific song you would

love to pitch. Please remember that you can not pitch greater than one track of a multi-track launch. If you’re pitching a single that you distributed, simply choose the single in the listing on the web page.

Spotify for Artists also messages upcoming releases for pitching

right on the house page. Make sure that you include in your song information. Be very particular and also targeted when you are sending this context as this is one of the most vital part of your pitch! Locations that Spotify will ask you to fill out are:

Key Genre.

Below Genres (if any).

Up to 2 Music Cultures (Optional)– If your music has any cultural inspiration, identifying a songs culture can aid with obtaining a curated playlist include. There are lots of music society certain Spotify. Editorial Playlists such as Afropop and also Top Christian Contemporary. You are able to choose fields such as Africa, Arabic, Caribbean, Christian, Latin, South Asian as well

as much more. Pick as much as 2 Moods (Optional)– Even though

this is provided as optional, absolutely consider what sort of state of mind

you songs can match. This choice can help get your music before curators

for mood-focused playlists such as Mood Booster, Dinner Mood, Mellow Mood, Dreamy Vibes, Happy Hits!, Sad Indie and also much more.




Choose as much as 2 Song Styles (Optional)– Is your tune acoustic, a created beat, or vacation specific? This is where you can identify the track design of your music if relevant with the offered options. Submitting a song design will certainly help with obtaining your tune in front of the appropriate Spotify editors.

Language– I am a huge follower in the Spanish– English crossover and this section you can allow editors understand what language your tune is in. Whether 1, 2, or up to 3 languages, you can let the Spotify editors recognize the vital language info which could possibly land your music in a curated playlist. Is your tune a Cover,

Remix, Instrumental or Live Recording? You can determine this as well as possibly land in a playlist like Indie Covers. What Instruments do you utilize? You can submit the tools in your track to allow Spotify editors recognize the comprehensive information of your songs production. Do you have a saxophone solo or a steel drum area? See to it you determine the make up of your tune. The “Tell Us More” section– Spotify uses this area to evaluate the in-depth information concerning you as a musician and your music. Songs scenes and also certain places are areas you need to think about identifying in this section. If you are in the lo-fi hip jump scene as well as have developed a name on your own in Atlanta, review this context within this section. If you are from NYC yet videotaped the track in Brazil, and

your track currently has hefty Brazilian influence, discuss this kind of information as well in this area. You can likewise describe your track details to Spotify Curators.

What’s the story behind your music? That are your songs affects as well as exactly how did that instill into your song? What is your marketing strategy? Are you going to do an influence advertising or social media sites ad campaign driving website traffic to your music on Spotify? Obtain creative and also allow the

Spotify Curators know the story behind your songs and also exactly how you are going to promote it (eventually driving followers to Spotify) so you can perhaps attract attention from the other entries. The “Review” section– This is the final step where you can review all of your information prior to sending. Guarantee whatever looks great, as well as send! At the minimum, experiencing this procedure will include your track in Spotify’s Release Radar playlist if you submit the song at least 7 days ahead of the launch day! Capitalizing on this procedure is a terrific way to obtain your music in front of Spotify’s Curators. What happens if this is

your first release? According to Spotify, prior to your very first launch goes reside on Spotify, you need to make inquiries with your representative for the URI web link to your Spotify musician profile. When your representative sends this to you, you can then claim your artist profile by requesting accessibility to Spotify

for Artists by pasting the URI web link into the “Find Yourself” area. Tailor your Spotify for Artists Page! Once you have access to your Spotify for Artists web page, tailor it. Include a branded profile picture, a bio for your followers to assess, your highlighted tune “choice” that will certainly be displayed on top of your Spotify page, include your own curated playlists, and also embed your social media web links.

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