I Worked For A Spotify Playlist Pitching Company

A few years ago I ran a small digital marketing agency for artists where I produced websites and also performed search engine optimization to gain them rankings in their niche genre. I had clients located in Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide, and Newcastle. I also had several international clients, specifically realtors, Americans are amazing people to work with!

I loved the work and it was interesting as artists and their websites are very different to small businesses, sole traders, and organizations which is where a lot of work I performed occurred.

Let Go 3000
Left to Right – Kurt Schiffer, Nick & Joel Steenbergen

Also, my eldest son was in a band that I helped promote called The Naddiks.

I set up a website and promoted shows, gaining radio and internet play, as well as fans for them worldwide.

I loved promoting shows and artists. I also helped several venues promote themselves and live music, I built a recording studio literally underneath my house called Band Express where The Naddiks and, later, other bands including my younger son who became an accomplished Flute player however, his passion being hammering the 1996 Les Paul Gibson I bought for him and several bands which he played a key part in (Mach-81, Charlotte and the Harlots would practise and record. I was working for the Federal Public Service (Australia) in those days.

to be continued…..

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Mar 16, 2018

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Feb 13, 2018

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