Get More Spotify Plays

Get more Spotify plays or streams of your , album release or playlist.

Step 1: Get A Spotify Premium Account

Step 2: Create a Playlist

Step 2: Open up Spotify in your Web Player

Step 4 : Enter the following code;

This is simply a scenario we have set up to see how it 'plays' out. We do not in any way suggest you do this to gain more plays from Spotify as this would be illegal. Its certainly something that Spotify itself as an organisation would do...

function getRandomInt(min, max) {

    min =


    max =



Math.floor(Math.random() * (max - min) + min);


function doSomething() {

    var button =



(function loop() {

    var rand =

getRandomInt(55000, 90000);



setTimeout(function() {



    }, rand);


The code above creates plays of your selected playlist swapping randomly at 55000 - 90000 milliseconds, in other words 55 seconds to 1 minute and 30 seconds. Why the random swaps? Lots of reasons, mainly safety of not being picked up by Spotify and having them pass on limitations to your distributor. Thats right, Spotify can and will take down artists and thei if they identift fraudulent activity, however, even more so, they will pass on limitations of payments to your distributor (CD Baby, Tunecore, Distrokid etc) and they will in turn pass on those reductions to you directly, Spotify has, in fact, passed on the onus of responsibility of ensuring that it's artists are being honest.

Wait! Do some maths here before you shrug this idea off, the above code allows you songs to be played, on averge, just over a minute each. There are 60 minutes in and hour, 24 hours in a day, on average 30 days a month.... 60x24x30 = 43,200 plays. An average of 5 cents per 1000 plays = $216 per month. Now, get 10 to do this as well, now you are at $2160 per month, not only that, your songs are now dropping into Spotify algoythms and getting picked up elsewhere, suggested in Daily Mixes etc. Look, this isnt hard to do, promote through your social media and get people to play your and for a change, make money from your . Collaborate with like artists and diffuse the attention - the more natural the plays look, the better the odds are for your to get followed and pumped.