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Band Express is an organic promotion service that helps artists, labels and managers across Rock, Dance, Indie Rock, Hip Hop and more genres to gain more Spotify followers and plays via promoting collaborative playlists and social media. Band Express originated as a boutique record label which recognized the need for a new way to help musicians get their music discovered on Spotify. The company offers a BX Spotify Song Launch list and other services including mixing and mastering, SEO and organic promotion. Definitely the best solution for any artist who wants to get his or her music heard by Spotify’s algorithm is self promotion. Time permitting the best thing you can do is create an amazing cover, always observing rights reserved.

As far as the our music promotion and results go, people email us about a new music campaign they want to run in Spotify and/or Youtube and are looking for a promotion package. The best advice we can offer is to submit your song(s) to as many Spotify playlists which have the most fans, and will work for your song.

To gain streams you need to receive feedback and shout outs from fans across social media.

A single playlist on Spotify can create real interest in your music. However, the cost of promotion to even submit your best track to an independent curator can be prohibitive.

For your campaign to work and gain you top promo, you need to design campaigns that are blog focused and get on a playlist or as many Spotify playlists as possible.

Get your team to focus on your industry, whether it be pop, punk, rap, r&b etc, but your fans need to start to experience you as an artist on Spotify. Packages offered by instagram, tick tok or youtube promotion can be the perfect thing for your Spotify campaign, but getting fans to contact you and having a policy of ensuring that potential followers are catered for is something we specialize in and can assist you.



Having worked over several years with artists of all genres, we have refined our methods and developed a simple, yet straight forward way in which to;

1) Get more fans on Spotify.

2) Get your music onto Spotify Playlists

3) Get more streams for your latest release on Spotify

4) Get your music heard by the right people on Spotify.

5) Increase engagement with your existing fans and followers on Spotify. 

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