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Band Express is an organic promotion service that helps artists, labels and managers across Rock, Dance, Indie Rock, Hip Hop and more gain more Spotify followers and plays via promoting collaborative playlists and social media. Band Express originated as a boutique record label which recognized the need for a new way to help musicians get their music discovered, including on Spotify. The company offers a BX Spotify Song Launch list and other services including mixing and mastering. In conjunction with our main partner The Brand Express, we also offer SEO and website services.



Having worked over several years with artists of all genres, we have refined our methods and developed a simple, yet straight forward way in which to;

1) Get more fans on Spotify.

2) Get your music onto Spotify Playlists

3) Get more streams for your latest release on Spotify

4) Get your music heard by the right people on Spotify.

5) Increase engagement with your existing fans and followers on Spotify. 

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