5 Crazy Spotify Playlist Tools

Middle School Warped, Dorm Room Bad

Spotify playlist names and songs I played gave me a funky, geeky 2010 profile when connecting to The Pudding's 'How Bad Is Your Spotify?

I suppose this sums me up, I like music that sucks as much as music that is awesome whatever that means. Like music you will find on my spotify playlist Band Express.

I get submissions daily to try and get onto it, even though it covers all genres, I only put music there that I like, some are big artists, some arent, who cares, well... I do... cause I have to like the music to put it on there okay!?

I have used things like a spotify playlist downloader, a spotify playlist maker etc to try and create lists for my listening but it always fails in some respect, but then again, some days my Daily Mix is totally awesome!

I have created my own music label, recording studio, I mix and master and release a few artists here and there which is why I came up with the totally free spotify playlist submission system, utilising Spotify's own Collaborative Playlist system.

Did you say FREE Spotify Playlist Submission?


Well - not totally free, even though it is if you do all the hard work yourself. The playlists are free to add or remove music to once you follow them... painfully there are millions of collaborative playlists out there with only a few, if any which have any followers, let alone hundreds of followers....

Thats right - HUNDREDS of playlists for just $9:00

Thats right, over a period of almost 2 years we have found the best Spotify Collaborative Playlists! They cover all genres, some are very specific on what type of music should be added, others are more generic.

With Spotify Playlists you can't actually tell who follows your playlist, regardless of whether they are collaborative or speficially curated. However, we can see the numbers. Whether they have good playlist names or not, they usually speak of the genre they mainly house, like Hard Rock Collaborative, or RAP, but some are simply called Collaborative, some, 'Add Your 1 Best Song'. Click below to purchase our 250+ collaborative playlist directory, every playlist with 100(min) -1000+ followers.

Apr 2017 - Jun 2018 - Current

Band Express forms a Label and promotes local artists

@ bandexpress

Oct 2019 - Nov 2023

Band Express creates the first BX Song Launch Playlist

@ thenaddiks

Sep 2006 - Mar 2020

Band Express merges with The Brand Express - SEO!

@ brandexpress

Trolls are usually artists or smaller record labels who follow a collaborative playlist and use it's community spirit against the curator and other artists by deleting some or all of the songs on the playlist to simply add their own. Unfortunately, we see this and have caught several artists out in the middle of the process.


Collaborative Playlist Trolls

  Collaborative Playlist Followers who are genuine83%

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