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Collaborative Playlists are Spotify Playlists which any Spotify user can add or remove tracks. A lot of playlist curators share their music and playlists with friends, family and the world to get a collaboration of music that benefits everyone.

  1. The best have hundreds and even thousands of followers. Band Express has tracked these playlists down and now offer them to you for playlist placement in a simple format of Playlist name, URL and follower count. Armed with this list your music promotion is energised as you add your tracks!

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We have accumulated 100s of playlists details which you can add your tracks to. We have broken them into 3 lists as designated to the left. These Spotify collaborative playlists have been created by curators around the world and have a minimum of 100 followers, right up to 1000s of followers. All genres are covered.

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The Naddiks Australian Spotify artist

Aussie Rock Band

Daniela Ion singer and Spotify artist

Solo Artist

Band Express Artist Mach-81

Mach 81

Rock Indie Band

Sammi Constantine Spotify artist

Indie Artist

His Name Is Wilsonn

R&B Artist



Indie Rock


Rock band Mach-81
Daniela Ion singer and Spotify artist


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