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pr firm music

PR Firm Music

PR firm helps artists develop a following and engage their target audiences through established outlets that feature coverage. When selecting a PR firm, make sure they specialize in your genre of . Firms that only represent country artists will likely not have access to enough metal musicians if that is what you require.

Social Media Management

Mora May PR Agency specializes in helping artists promote their and stories in ways that work best for them. Their philosophy is rooted in the understanding that every artist offers something unique to the world, so they work closely with artists from various genres, ranging from established stars to those just entering the scene. PR firms can open doors into certain industries and help launch artists from regional to national recognition; however, not everyone needs one. When selecting an agency to represent you in this way, find one with demonstrable results such as increased streams, social followers or media appearances; also, be sure to evaluate their team – it is crucial that they pitch your story properly!

Press Release Writing

Press releases may seem like something only large companies need to worry about, but for musicians looking to promote their album or tour with media representatives, press releases can be invaluable tools. A compelling press release can get a journalist’s attention and result in more people discovering your ! Headline – To capture journalist’s attention quickly and successfully, your headline must be attention-grabbing and captivating. Otherwise, any further reading could easily be skimmed over. Quote from the musician – Here is where you can exaggerate a bit; but do remember that any boastful statements must sound genuine and natural, not forced or overtly “PR-y.” Date of the news item – It is important to include dates when reporting news updates so as to maintain relevance for readers.

Press Coverage

PR Newswire is an established press release distribution service with multiple packages to meet any individual’s press release distribution needs. They even provide custom pricing options should nothing meet them exactly. Be sure to inquire with prospective PR firms about their past clients, which will give an indication of whether or not they have experience with your genre of . Without such experience, it is unlikely they’ll be able to help get it noticed by those who matter most. Remember, even the best PR firm with an impressive client list cannot guarantee journalists will write about you or your . Therefore, it is imperative that you customize your pitches and show journalists why your story deserves their time; only this way can you stand out among all of the musicians they are pitching to.


As the industry evolves, musicians need to find PR firms that will assist them in taking their career to the next level. Such firms can put their out there more broadly while helping secure festival slots for them. A good PR firm for music should offer you an array of services, such as social media management, press releases and music video production. In addition to this they should also promote your music on platforms such as YouTube and Spotify and provide detailed reports of its success. Atlanta-based Organic Music Marketing is an outstanding PR firm for music that can help your music reach new audiences. Their experience in the entertainment industry provides invaluable assistance as they take your music to new levels with services such as playlist promotion, influencer marketing and global distribution via NewWave Distribution.

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