charlotte and the harlots hit the limit

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'This track has really brought rock back into the 2020s'

Who said whatever happens in Canberra stays in Canberra, Safia, Peking Duk and now Charlotte & The Harlotts!

The track is a cohesive hybrid of styles. It bridges the moody inferences of an early ’90s grunge spirit to a contemporary rock sensibility.

An excellent song for those who are searching for a strong, passionate piece of music that will provide their listeners with the ability to achieve personal goals and reach personal goals in music.

You're about to learn how to make a great song using chords. It's a really easy chord progression and you'll hear it at the end of the song.

You're a fool if you don't admit it….

There is much more to say about the chorus. The chorus has a surprise take-off, bounces off an almost classic rock all-in accent, to the title’s veiled command, and then quickly cascades into that bracing, staggered series of notes.

It would be easy to write a book about his amazing performances, but in his own words, here's what he's really like.

The drum part is notable for its service to that melodic structure.

Each beat on the music sheet is a different tempo. The notes are like the steps. It's a controlled chaos, but each step takes you closer to achieving your goal.

Hit the Limit will launch Charlotte & The Harlots’ journey toward success.

It’s a no brainer

Richard Schiffer

Charlotte and the harlots

Harlotte & The Harlots latest release – 'Often'

Estella Dawn

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BX SoundPlate Artist Spotlight of the Month

'This song has nothing to do with aesthetics, being attractive, is in my opinion the least interesting thing about a person'

It would be nice to feel great about yourself every day but life can, at times, have a tendency to make you feel small and inadequate. It’s especially easy now with the addition of social media, comparing your body and life to the bodies and lives of “perfect” people online can be soul crushing. It can leave you feeling like all that you are isn’t enough.

…feeling confident, comfortable and empowered in your body is important, to me that is true beauty".

"That’s when you need someone to lift you up. You need kind words when you’re unable to speak them to yourself, you need reassurance when you’re feeling discouraged. You need a reminder that you’re a bad ass and that you should never shrink to make others comfortable, because you’re not “too much” you’re just enough.

Estella Dawn

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